Log House

How is a log house built?

Any architect is able to design a log home. However we would recommend using the services of an architect with specific experience of log-house construction – like our specially trained log-home architects. more

Do I require a special architect?

Every Artifex home is unique – so we need to know what your requirements are before we can say anything regarding the price. However, on the whole, a log home costs about the same as a brick house. more

How much does a log home cost?

Jedes Artifex Haus ist ein Unikat – deshalb müssen wir für Preisangaben erst Ihre Wünsche kennen. Grundsätzlich ist Blockbau aber etwa genauso teuer wie Häuser in Ziegelbauweise. more

What are the advantages of an Artifex home?

  • A unique indoor living climate
  • Excellent ecobalance
  • Our patented frame system allows for a free choice of windows and doors
  • Optimum thermal insulation